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Welcome to Buda Vision Source PLLC
Your Optometrist in BUDA, TX

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At Buda Vision Source PLLC, our mission is to provide you with the absolute best quality eye care. Our friendly and qualified staff are committed to performing comprehensive, thorough eye health evaluations utilizing state of the art technology. With years of experience serving Buda, Kyle, Wimberley, Driftwood, Austin, and surrounding areas, we aim to bring innovative vision care to the community. From our complimentary beverages, to our in house optical lab, we strive to make your experience the best possible.

Eye Glasses:

At Buda Vision we offer over 800 designer frames from popular fashion icons including Chopard, Ray Ban, Oakley, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Coach, Versace, Polo and many more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect style and our opticians and onsite lab are capable of making quality lenses in about an hour for many prescriptions. If you want functional and fashionable eye wear then we are your one stop shop for looking and seeing your best.

Contact Lenses:

Our office excels at getting patients the contact lens solution best suited to their personal needs. We provide informative and extensive examinations, tests, and training to ensure that you get the best in vision care. We also carry a wide range of special use contacts including bifocal, monovision, astigmatism, sport, keratoconus treatment, and color lenses. Additionally, we offer online contact lens ordering for added convenience.

Medical Examination and Treatment:

At Buda Vision we provide extensive medical examination and treatment to our valued patients. Experienced in identifying and helping resolve numerous medical conditions, we are committed to providing A-Grade service and care. We screen for and treat numerous problematic conditions including glaucoma, retinopathy, keratoconus, macular degeneration, and red eye. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the United States and is often asymptomatic. Caused by a buildup of pressure that damages the optic nerve, regular eye examinations at Buda Vision Source could be the weapon to combat the permanent vision loss that can be caused by this condition. We also work with patients facing retinopathy, which causes chronic or acute damage to the retina, the light detecting surface at the back of the eye. This ailment can be the manifestation of another disease or illness, such as diabetes or sickle cell anemia, and needs to be properly examined and treated to minimize vision loss. In addition, we provide treatment for keratoconus, the misshaping of the cornea into a cone, and red eye. Please view the optical services tab of the menu bar for more information on our specialities. In sum, our office is passionate about making sure that vision remains healthy and optimal for all of our patients.

Contact Us:

To find out more about our quality services or to make any other inquiries, contact us today. Our doctor and trusted staff looks forward to the opportunity to meet your eye care needs.

Dr. Kevin Benham
BUDA Optometrist | Buda Vision Source PLLC | (512) 295-0076
3310 B FM 967 suite A-108
BUDA, TX 78610 3487

Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Kevin Benham

    Dr. Kevin Benham graduated Magna Cum Laude, from Texas Tech University, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 2005. He then went on to attend the University of Houston College of Optometry and graduated in 2009 with a Doctor of Optometry degree. Dr. Benham received various awards and achievements at U of H, including several letters of clinical excellence and becoming a Benedict Scholar. During his externships, he gained experience in diagnosing and management of many retinal and corneal diseases. Dr. Benham also fits specialty keratoconus lenses and has extensive knowledge in red eye treatment and foreign body removal. He opened Buda Vision Source in 2012 and is actively involved in the community. In his spare time, he enjoys golf and spending time with his wife and two children.


    Tanya is the Insurance Specialist of the office. She is a local Buda resident and has been active in the community for the past 20 years. Tanya received her billing and coding specialist certification in 2007 and has been with us since 2013. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

  • CARY

    Cary is the office manager at Buda Vision
    Source. He has extensive knowledge in the optical field and is current with the many lens options that are available to make your vision the best that it can be. Cary has been with Buda Vision Source since opening in 2012.

    In his spare time, Cary enjoys visiting with family, friends, and spending time with his dog Kira.

  • Dr.
    Kara Farmer

    Dr. Kara Farmer was born and raised in Kyle, TX. She attended Texas A&M University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Dr. Farmer also received a Doctorate of Optometry degree from the University of Houston. During her externships, Dr. Farmer gained extensive knowledge in the diagnosis and management of retinal diseases and ocular infections, as well as the co-management of cataract and LASIK surgery, primary eye care, and contact lens fittings. As a therapeutic optometrist and glaucoma specialist, Dr. Farmer enjoys treating eye diseases and providing comprehensive eye care to the community.

    When not practicing, Dr. Farmer enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband and two children.

  • Alyssa

    Alyssa is an optician here at Buda Vision Source. With her high level of optical training and friendly demeanor, she strives to make your experience with us the best it can be. Born and raised in Central Texas, she enjoys staying active outdoors, live music, sports, and spending time with her family and poodle, Jack.


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Such a great experience! Dr. Benham took his time, explained all the tests and what each test might indicate. Very knowledgeable. The office staff were courteous and very helpful in choosing my frames. I will continue going to Buda Vision Source."
    Kathy M.
  • "Went to Buda Vision Source yesterday. Convenient location and great service. The staff and doctor are knowledgeable and friendly. Doctor is young, personable and very up-to-date. Had a great assortment of frames to choose from. No need to go into Austin anymore. This place is going to do a great business out here in Buda. I highly recommend it!"
    Karen L.
  • "We are new to the Hill Country and read the reviews about Buda Vision Source. We tried them out because of all the positive reviews and were totally satisfied! Great group of people at the front desk and Dr. Benham was very professional with these sets of aging eyes! We will be using them for a long time, I'm sure!!"
    David and Brenda R.
  • "Dr. Benham is very knowledgeable and thorough! His assistants are helpful and answer all my questions with confidence. I'd highly recommend this crew!"
    Shelly B.
  • "Dr. Benham and the staff at Buda Vision Source are professional, thorough and friendly. My first visit (Feb '14) was great, they treated me like I had been with them for years. I walked in with plenty of questions but never had to ask them because of how thorough Dr. Brenham was, he not only answered questions I had, he even answered some I hadn't even considered."
    D Y.
  • "Without question, this was the best experience I’ve had at any optometrists. Dr. Benham was extremely kind and very patient when I asked questions. I really appreciated his patients."
    James S.
  • "Dr. Benham is very knowledgeable and thorough! His assistants are helpful and answer all my questions with confidence. I'd highly recommend this crew!"
    A Google User

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